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MAF pilot Justin Honaker serves in Lesotho, Africa. He was born in Loma Linda California, where he lived until he joined the Marine Corps in 1997. Justin holds Private and Commercial Pilot's licenses, as well as, Flight Instructor Certification. He is a certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic and has experience as a helicopter mechanic. He and his wife, Amanda, met at MAF Headquarters in Nampa, Idaho, when Justin was in flight training and Amanda was working in the mailroom. Learn more about the Honaker family and their life in Lesotho serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship.
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Final Approach

On approach at Methaleneng, one of our most wind-sensitive airstrips, I’m at the “abort point.” This is the point of no return for me.

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04 Mar 2015
Categories: Lesotho, Pilot's Log, Testimonial

A Strong Patient

I am astonished how well she is handling the pain, though I can see that it is intense as I fasten the last of the straps that will hold her to the floor of the aircraft.

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07 Jan 2015
Categories: Lesotho, Relief and Aid

Moving Time

Just when I’m getting the hang of my role as MAF Lesotho’s interim country program manager (PM), I get a curve ball that’s got me reeling.

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20 Aug 2014
Categories: Aviation, Field Stories, Lesotho

Fighting the Wind

I’m barely keeping the airplane straight, definitely at my maximum personal limitations, and chuckle as decision time rapidly approaches.

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11 Jun 2014
Categories: Aviation, Lesotho, Relief and Aid

Epic Water Surprise

There is an air of excited anticipation so tangible you can almost see it as Matt Monson, our newest pilot, taxis off the runway and into the MAF area.

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09 Apr 2014
Categories: Field Stories, Lesotho, Pilot's Log

The Importance of Being There

Sweat drips from my forehead and seeps into Mrs. Mofolo’s T-shirt as I count the chest compressions. I hadn’t realized I was sweating. It’s already been almost five minutes of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with no response. I’m not giving up yet though. Mrs. Mofolo was in labor several hours before I even arrived with the […] Read the Rest »

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22 Jan 2014
Categories: General, Lesotho

The Fittest Team

Thirty bikers cram their way to the starting line, our hearts thumping as loud as the background music, which is nearly deafening.

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09 Oct 2013
Categories: Missionary

Just in Time

The entire country of Lesotho was hit with a powerful snow storm that left most of our airstrips covered in deep snow, making landing (with wheels anyway!) impossible.

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03 Oct 2012
Categories: Relief and Aid

Medevac Miracle Returning Home

I had lifted her seemingly lifeless body into the airplane and fastened the straps around her.

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11 Jul 2012
Categories: Field Stories, Pilot's Log

God’s Perfect Timing

“Code 1” (Medical Emergency) confirms my suspicions.

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13 Jun 2012
Categories: Aviation, Relief and Aid