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Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. If you want to know what might be swirling around in my head with regards to missions, aviation and the role MAF is playing in all of it, this is the place to visit. I hope to shed some light the opportunities MAF has to serve God in the amazing things He is doing around the world.I have served as the president of MAF since 2007 and have worked with this wonderful organization in some capacity since 1991. I’ll try to provide context for what MAF is doing through its strategic initiatives and share interesting pieces of information regarding where the organization is headed. That is what I hope to accomplish through this blog. I invite you visit regularly.For His Kingdom,John BoydPresident & CEO
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Caring for the Sick, As Jesus Commanded

In recent weeks, MAF has played a key role in the efforts to contain an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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30 Sep 2014
Categories: D.R. Congo, Leadership

Constant Change and a Constant Savior

Over the years, Tanya and I have moved many times, living in nine different countries. That’s a lot of change! But more importantly, the world and this ministry have drastically changed.

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12 Aug 2014
Categories: Leadership, USA

Four Things I’ve Learned About Christian Leadership

Thankfully, these “barriers” weren’t really barriers at all, and 20 years later we are still serving God through this remarkable organization. As I reflect on these 20 years, here are a few things I have realized.

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01 Jul 2014
Categories: Leadership, USA

Extroverts, Introverts, and Pizza

There has been a fundamental shift, in recent years, in the way society thinks about extroverts and introverts.

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03 Jun 2014
Categories: Leadership, USA

Top 3 Things to Remember About Missionaries Coming Home

Coming home is one of the hardest things a missionary faces.

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08 Apr 2014
Categories: D.R. Congo, Haiti, Leadership, Missionary

How Voodoo Taught Me to Cherish Silence

Eerie chanting and wailing surrounded our home. I flung off the sheets and ran to the window.

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11 Mar 2014
Categories: Culture, Haiti, Leadership, Spiritual, Testimonial

Cultures and Time

We teach that there are cold cultures and warm cultures. Simply put, cold cultures put a high value proposition on productivity, while warm cultures give more importance to relationships.

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25 Feb 2014
Categories: Culture, USA

Preparing for Slippery Cross-Cultural Experiences

How do you peel a banana? The answer is easy: Just start from the top. However, things get a little more complex when you start talking about which end really is the top. Here in the U.S., the top is the end with the stem. That is how bananas are displayed in grocery stores. That […] Read the Rest »

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04 Feb 2014
Categories: Culture, USA

Culture Shock at the Grocery Store

by Tanya Boyd, wife of MAF President John Boyd This post is part of a series about the role that culture plays in the missionary experience. I couldn’t find the courgettes. It was 1992. John and I had just moved from South Africa to the U.S. to participate in missionary candidate class at Mission Aviation […] Read the Rest »

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21 Jan 2014
Categories: Culture, Missionary, USA

Gasoline and Culture Shock

This is the first of several blog posts regarding the part that culture plays in the missionary experience. I thought I knew cultures. Born in Scotland, raised in Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe), lived and worked in South Africa, travelled extensively … I had seen and experienced many ways of life. But I was unprepared for […] Read the Rest »

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07 Jan 2014
Categories: Culture, USA